Let’s toast to a welcome back from our summer break

by Margherita Brodbeck Roth 

After a long and for most of us relaxing summer break we have resumed our regular sessions on Ferragosto.  The day goes back to the “feriae Augusti”, celebrated across the Roman empire to remember the victory of the first roman emperor Augustos over Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra. With Chrisitanity it became the day when Catholics celebrate Assumption day and in today’s Italy it is when the large companies and government office go on holiday – and all stands still..  

We are different, to us it has been the day of return, to enjoy each other’s company, to welcome guests and to enjoy two fantastic speeches and a very original table topic setting. Our grammarian kicked us into dhspr when sharing the word of the day, – haughty (arrogantly superior or disdainful) with its remote origin in the Latin “altus” or high. An high we went and grabbed for the stars. 

After a first speech asking for more, Lesley Stephenson stood up to the challenge of holding an impromptu stalk on a meaningful but also controversial topic. In “What we can do to revert global warming” we learned so much stretching from the slightly amusing – stop drinking alcohol because we happen to generate heat in the course of it –, to the more serious aspects of the matter. She truly not only enlightened but also entertained us. Moreover, she graciously shared some valuable suggestions on how to succeed at public speaking.  

  • Do not panic.  
  • Keep a file to write down ideas when they come to your mind.  
  • Speak about a topic you care about. 
  • Share your emotions. 
  • Converse with the audience. 

Did you ever give a second thought to what a fortune cookie tells you? Table Topics were all about luck. The quotes and words of wisdom on the slips of paper placed inside the hollow part of the cookies participants drew, provided the backdrop to some of the funnies short speeches we ever witnessed in our club.  

Don’t miss anything and join. Expect everything from science to comedy and most importantly the opportunity to hone your speaking skills in a safe environment with fellow Toastmasters supporting you on your journey to become a master speaker. 

Our upcoming meetings are all taking place at the Blue Monkey in Zurich’s Old Town. 

29-Aug-2017     Speeches, Table Topics
12-Sep-2017      Table Topics marathon
26-Sep-2017     Club contest: Humorous speeches in English or Italian, Table Topics in English
10-Oct-2017     Area 4 Contest hosted by TM Zuriberg: Humorous speeches in English, Italian or German

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