Workshop “Mastering disastering” with Kyle P Bullus

This workshop will help you to avoid presentation disasters such as ‘prop flops’ and ‘vanishing visuals’ as well as giving you confidence to handle the unexpected. You might even learn to have fun with failure. Bring your stories and we’ll work out solutions.

Kyle’s Leadership Experience

Kyle has led workshops in his native country England as well as in Germany, Switzerland and India. He has been independent since 1994 and also freelances for commercial and institutional clients. He serves clients who need communication and presentation coaching.

Kyle’s Profile

Kyle joined Toastmasters 22 years ago. With early membership of Zug and now Zuriberg, he developed his hobby into a profession. The last three years lifted him to a new level of opportunities. He is the TM 2017 evaluator champion of Switzerland and placed third in the recent SW Europe competition. He is now in the early stages of mentoring a new speaking club in Zurich for young people.

We ask all members and guests to pay for dinner, 30 francs, dinner dinner buffet included or a separate entrance fee (excluding dinner) for 15 francs. It will be located in the usual location of Blue Monkey in Niederdorf.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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