Workshop on vocal variety, its sources and resources

To Zuriberg Toastmasters Club

Dear fellow members,

now we know what vocal variety is all about – at least all those lucky ones of us who could attend Noah’s workshop last night. Thanks Noah for a most instructive, incredibly fun and cheerful workshop. While during the warm-up session no one dared to utter a sound when Noah asked us to “groan”, “sigh” or “moan”, the volume became higher and higher as the evening went on. In the end, the manager of the restaurant had to intervene because Noah’s instructions had become so persuasive that everyone started to test the full range of his or her vocal possibilities (and the other guests of the restaurant probably felt left out, and therefore complained ….). Eventually, even the shyest among us started to shriek like a witch, pronounce vowels like a warrior and to communicate with others by uttering consonants or meaningless syllables. In addition to the practical techniques, we learned a lot about the physiology and the evolution of the human voice. Well done, Noah. You surpassed our high est expectations ….

As mentioned before, our next meeting will be a humorous speech and table topic contest. Please check the meeting website and let us know asap if you can take on the role you have signed up for – or have been signed up for 😉

All the best and see you all soon, Nicola

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