A  Night of Extravagance at Zuriberg Toastmasters – Meeting 11th June

Dear Zuriberg Toastmasters,

A summer evening in the beautiful Guild Hall of Tailors filled with powerful speeches, thoughtful evaluations, and a thrilling mystery-solving table topics session can only be described with one word: Extravagance!

Our Toastmaster of the Evening, Elias, seamlessly wove the evening’s events together with a captivating opening, insightful speaker introductions, succinct recaps after each speech, and a reflective summary to close the night. The careful orchestration of the evening ensured every moment was impactful and engaging.

Highlights from Our Speakers

Slavek imparted a profound life lesson through his personal experiences, reminding us that time is our most valuable treasure. His speech emphasized the importance of valuing and wisely using our time, supported by strong structure, storytelling elements, and vocal variety.

Etienne, in his comeback Icebreaker, explored the concept that while specific life phases demand our time, there are strategies to recover lost time. He introduced us to his systematic approach—minimizing loss and maximizing time use. His well-structured speech, vocal dynamism, and personal anecdotes left the audience eagerly anticipating his future speeches.

Fereshte’s insightful speech on leadership styles combined theory with practical examples. She illustrated that the choice of leadership style should be situational rather than personal. Her engaging delivery, supported by reflections on her experiences, offered valuable lessons on adaptive leadership.

Gabriele’s educational speech on attachment styles in dating was both informative and highly entertaining. His clear structure, humor, vivid metaphors and a practical cheat sheet on navigating the dating world won him the Best Speaker award, captivating the audience from start to finish.

The Art of Evaluations

Four dedicated evaluators—Kevin, Michelle, Ana-Maria, and Roland—provided insightful feedback, highlighting each speech’s strengths and areas for improvement. Their well-rounded evaluations serve as the fertilizer for our growth and development. The skill of delivering empathetic yet challenging feedback is remarkable, and Roland’s exceptional evaluation earned him the Best Evaluator award.

Our General Evaluator, Pietro, along with his diligent team—Yesenia, Harry, and Alessandro—kept meticulous track of the evening’s proceedings, monitoring time, filler words, and effective use of language. Their efforts ensured the event ran smoothly and maintained high standards.

Table Topics: A Mystery Unfolds

Table topics is where the moderator’s creativity truly shines. Zsolt guided us through an intricate mystery—the robbery of the crown of Amaris. The session concluded with Samira solving the case in Sherlockian style, revealing the crime as a cleverly disguised team-building event.

Closing Thoughts

Time is our most precious resource, and spending it at a Toastmasters evening is an investment in ourselves. These gatherings offer us the luxury of learning, growth, inspiration, and shared experiences, all contributing to our journey of becoming better speakers and leaders.

Here’s to many more evenings of extravagance and excellence. Let us raise a glass to our shared journey and the exciting events that lie ahead!

Upcoming Events

June 18th: Regular Meeting with the theme “Resolute,” hosted by Samira as our TME.

June 25th: Summer Party with Michelle and Anna hosting a Mystery Dinner! RSVP for a highly interactive evening.

Yours truly,

Vanessa Stournari

President Zuriberg Toastmasters Club

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