A Toastmasters Extravaganza: Award Dinner with Inspirational Toasts – October 31st

Dear fellow Zuriberg Toastmasters, 

What a better occasion to raise your glass for an empowering toast rather the Zuriberg Toastmasters Award dinner? Last night we got up to the mood for social speeches, where four speakers raised their glass to acknowledge and toast members who have been the guiding stars, the silent motivators, and the unsung heroes of our Toastmasters journey. Our beautiful Blue Monkey guilt adorned in the elegance befitting an award dinner.

Our Toastmaster of the evening, Roland, not only set the mood with the importance of social speeches, but also he fused the evening with Voltaire’s timeless quote and weaved it beautifully with the speakers introduction and the theme of day:

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing – It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well”

Speakers’ Highlights

Christina – With built-up suspense and eloquence, Christina raised her glass to Joran, the master of humorous and tall-tales speeches, bringing laughter to our meetings.

Harry – Offering a gracious and concise toast to Roland, Harry highlighted the inspiration he drew from Roland’s leadership and feedback exchange, educating the audience while honoring the toast receiver.

Hugo –to Ben, the multi-talented member, Hugo presented a toast filled with vivid visualization through expressive body language, acknowledging Ben’s efforts in uniting the Dutch expat society.

Elias – a toast immersed in creativity. Samira and her genuine presenting style, fusing emotions with authenticity, inspired Elias to raise a glass to her using the alphabet: a reason for appraisal for every letter! Elias’s unique approach earned him the Best Speaker award.

The Art of Evaluation: Nicola, our General Evaluator, provided insights into effective evaluations, emphasizing close summaries for memorable takeaways, engaging delivery, and constructive feedback. Myself, Vanessa was honored to take the best evaluation award home.

Creativity of Table Topics: Yani won the Best Table Topic, explaining why the ant would be the most suitable mascot animal for Toastmasters. Table topic master, Gabriele showcased inclusive, easy-to-answer topics fused seamlessly into the overarching theme.

Reflection and Inspiration

In summary, our traditional award dinner-themed Toastmasters Zuriberg meeting promises an unforgettable blend of sophistication and sincerity, as members come together to celebrate the unsung heroes who make our Toastmasters experience truly remarkable. Cheers to inspiration, camaraderie, and the power of a well-deserved toast!

What is on the horizon? 

As we immense in winter and festive atmosphere, we continue to grow and thrive in our public speaking journey, learning from one another and setting last minute milestones for 2023.

Contest announcement – connect with Alice to register for speech or organisation support!

December 12th – regular meeting with theme Last Minute

December 19th – Christmas party (confirm or decline attendance) in Easyspeak

Warmest wishes, 

Vanessa Stournari

President Zuriberg TMC

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