Dreams Unleashed: A Toastmasters Tale of Inspiration and Achievement

Dear Zuriberg Toastmasters!

Another Tuesday, another whirlwind of wit, wisdom, and wonder at our beloved Zuriberg Toastmasters’ gathering!

Kevin welcoming Guests in our alternate venue, the L200

Our TME extraordinaire, Richard, set the stage on fire with a theme that spoke to the soul: dreams. As Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” and boy, did we believe! Each member shared their unique take on the power of dreams, setting the tone for an evening of boundless potential and unwavering determination.

Speakers’ Highlights

Selin mesmerized us with her exploration of artificial intelligence and the ever-pressing question of whether humanity stands on the precipice of being overtaken by the “march of the machines.” With eloquence that soared to dizzying heights and a title that piqued our curiosity, Selin’s speech was a testament to the power of conviction and innovation.

We had Kevin regaling us with tales from the trenches of entrepreneurship in his keynote speech. Navigating the twists and turns of his maiden business voyage, Kevin showed us that chasing our dreams often leads us down unexpected paths and broadens our horizon. His engaging and well-crafted speech, earned him the well-deserved title of Best Speaker.

Of course, no Toastmasters gathering is complete without some Icebreakers to break the ice!

Harry kicked things off with the persuasive prowess of a seasoned orator. Drawing parallels between his life and the legendary Forrest Gump, Harry took us on a journey through his trials, triumphs, and public speaking aspirations. The audience was spellbound, and Harry walked away with a well-deserved tie for the Best Speaker award.

Anton stepped up to introduce himself to the club in his own authentic style. With a conversational tone that felt like catching up with an old friend and a clear structure that left us hanging on his every word, Anton left us eager for more of his storytelling prowess.

The art of evaluation

Suavek, Joanna, yours truly, and Aaron lent their keen insights to the mix, offering guidance and encouragement to our speakers on their journey of growth. From personal development tips to project-specific tweaks, their feedback was like a guiding light in the darkness, illuminating the path to excellence. Yours truly, was honored with the best Evaluator Award

A big round of applause to our General Evaluator Samira and her dedicated team Zsolt, Roberta & Pietro for their unwavering support. They kept us on track, nudging us ever closer to our goals with their wisdom and encouragement.

What is to come?

Let us keep dreaming, keep speaking, and keep believing. The world is ours for the taking, one speech at a time!

May 14th  – General Assembly & Elections – attendance required to reach quorum

May 21st – Regular Meeting with theme Carpe Diem – TME wanted

May 28th  Regular Meeting with theme Paradox with Selin as TME

Yours truly,

Vanessa Stournari 

President Zuriberg Toastmasters Club
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Vanessa Stournari

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