Embracing the Last Minute: A Toastmaster’s journey – meeting December 12th

Dear Zuriberg Toastmasters, 

In a world where the last minute is often associated with stress, our last Toastmasters meeting took a refreshing perspective on the theme “Last Minute.” The evening unfolded with a blend of insights, creativity, and laughter, proving that the last minute isn’t always as daunting as it seems. It may also allow for a creativity boost!

Meeting Highlights

Christina and Fereshteh, our Toastmaster of the Evening (TME) and Table Topics Master respectively, navigated the theme, offering diverse perspectives on how we handle the last-minute. Kevin stood out with his creative take on a last-minute situation, earning him the Table Topics Best Speaker award.

Speaker Highlights

  • Tatyana: Completing the Engaging Humor Pathways, Tatyana shared the wisdom gained in her 3.5-year journey. Her key lesson? The best humor often stems from ordinary situations.
  • Richard: With the mantra “Per aspera ad astra,” Richard emphasized the value of audience feedback in the journey of public speaking while reflecting on his Persuasive Influence Pahways. His well-crafted speech drew inspiration from a favorite movie, engaging the audience with elements of inspiration.
  • Gabriele: Blending his speech seamlessly with the theme, Gabriele explored the benefits of abandoning a last-minute lifestyle as we progress in life. Drawing parallels with the Toyota “Just in Time” approach, he skillfully connected real-life examples, captivating the audience.
  • Andrea: Introducing himself with an authentic and humorous style, Andrea left us eager for more of his future speeches.

The Art of Evaluation

Michelle demonstrated the challenging art of evaluation, taking home the Best Evaluator award. Her empathetic and constructive feedback on Tatyana’s speech highlighted that in the pursuit of humor, authenticity and passionate storytelling can also be as impactful.


As the year comes to an end, our Toastmasters journey taught us the importance of pushing boundaries in prepared, last-minute, and improvisational speeches. Exchange, constructive feedback, and a nurturing environment for experimentation create a recipe for individual and collective growth. As we reflect on the past year, let’s set new resolutions for improvement.

What’s on the Horizon?

– The Christmas party and year-end closure meeting are just around the corner. Get ready to celebrate in festive attire!

– Don’t forget to register for the speech club contest in January—time is running out!

In the spirit of Toastmasters, let’s continue to embrace the unexpected and grow together. Cheers to a year of learning, laughter, and last-minute triumphs!

Warmest wishes, 

Vanessa Stournari

President Zuriberg Toastmasters club

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