Exploring the Artificial: A Toastmasters Journey

Dear Zuriberg Toastmasters,

Last Tuesday night, we delved into the theme of “artificial,” exploring its multifaceted meaning in the context of 2024. After the President’s opening remarks, the gavel smoothly transitioned to our Toastmaster of the evening, Roland, who guided us through insightful speeches that challenged our perceptions.

Speaker Highlights & Evaluations

Fereshte shared a deeply personal journey in “The Day I Was Born,” inspiring us with her resilience in navigating life’s challenges. Kevin’s evaluation highlighted her eloquent language and encouraged her to infuse her delivery with local variety, igniting a spark of motivation in us all.

Marco motivated us to navigate the era of knowledge accessibility, offering strategies to sift through information plethora to be a knowledge advocate. His persuasive speech left a lasting impact. Selin’s evaluation praised Marco’s structured argumentation, guiding us through a journey of intellectual exploration.

Slavek’s icebreaker “Reality” seamlessly wove together personal anecdotes and a love for media, warmly embraced by our club. Alessandro’s evaluation highlighted the powerful impact of Slavek’s parallel storytelling approach, drawing us into his world with authenticity.

Thomas S, visiting us from the Rhetorik Club Zurich, engaged story-telling prowess in his speech “Courage,” inspiring us to embrace growth beyond our comfort zones. Gabriel emphasized the role of anecdotes in effective storytelling, enriching our understanding of Thomas’s message.

Gabriele demonstrated in his speech, “A Toastmaster’s Journey to Tranquility”, illuminated how yoga can enhance public speaking, sprinkled with delightful humor. Tatyana’s award-winning evaluation celebrated Gabriele’s masterful use of humor and engagement techniques, reminding us that with dedication, we can hone our craft.

Table Topics

Under Aaron’s adept guidance, our table topics session danced with creativity, seamlessly weaving the theme into spontaneous discourse. Thomas M.’s quick wit and charm earned him well-deserved recognition as the Best Table Topic Speaker.

Concluding Thoughts

This session showcased our community’s ability to embrace complex themes, encouraging exploration and personal reflection on the artificial aspects of our lives. Let us continue to explore, learn and grow together!

What is in the Horizon?

Join us for these exciting upcoming events!

April 23rd: Humorous Workshop with Mike Casa

April 30th: Regular Meeting – Dream with Richard as Toastmaster of the Evening in L200

May 15th: General Assembly – Elections (quorum required) 

Stay tuned for more updates from the Toastmasters world, including the May 3rd Joint Meeting Area E4 – details to follow & District 109 Conference in Istanbul May 10th – 12th 

Warmest Regards,

Vanessa Stournari

President Toastmasters Zuriberg Club Vanessa Stournari

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