Great Speeches

Last Tuesday we had a fun event with speeches that gave food for thought and that made us look on life from different perspectives.

First was Anna Bot, our youngest member, who in her second Competent Communication Manual speech told us about her relationship to Joshua. This was no conventional teenage love story, but a moving testimony to Anna’s adult mind and conscience, as Joshua is a young prisoner in a USA jail. After reading a website dedicated to helping young prisoners Anna had taken the decision, to participate by agreeing to a long-term letter exchange with him. I was a well organised speech which she made with feeling, composure and maturity.

Next was an Ice Breaker Speech from Bertrand Kohl, who told us colourful stories of his childhood in Morocco, his teens and 20s in Burgundy, and of 2 years he was recently working in China. He concluded with his approaching departure for a new job in Hamburg.

And third was Celestina Kuhl, who visited us from another Zürich club, and gave an excellent speech on the importance of intuition in decision making – not only in private life, but in professional contexts also – accompanied by a well designed and well managed PP show that inspired us. She demonstrated how, in certain situations, intuition can be a far more rapid and reliable way to decide on a course of action than the ponderous mental weighing of pros and cons.

These three main speakers were making Workbook speeches for only the first, second and third times at Toastmasters, and very impressive each of them were. We in the club look forward to sharing their journey and helping them develop even further. Although we were a relatively small group of members, everyone contributed to making the evening run smoothly and enjoyably.

The short and spontaneous speeches in reply to Wanbun Ho’s challenging questions as Table Topic Master added spice to the second part of the evening.

The presence and participation of the exceptionally high number of seven guests was another most encouraging sign of things to come for our club.

Below you can find a picture of the proud winners of the evening. Celestina won the speech contest, Noah the table topic contest, and Thomas was voted the best evaluator of the evening.

photo (15)


What is more, the new Club brochure has arrived. It is available for both those curious about Zuriberg Toastmasters Club, as well as for existing members who would like one for friends or colleagues. Please see a scan of it below and just ask take one, or ask for it at the next meeting.

See you all soon again at our next meeting!

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