When intelligent decision-makers meet effective altruists and get roasted in the bush

Dear fellow Toastmasters,

Last night, we were rewarded for a long working day with four excellent speeches.

Kevin introduced us to a most efficient way of decision making: 1, start with putting all available options on the table 2, sound-proof the selected one(s) in a reality-test 3, look at the choice from an emotional distance and move to action, and 4, be prepared to have made the wrong decision. Adrian convinced us to practice effective altruism – that is we shouldn’t only donate for the sake of it but in a way that the most people benefit from it. And Piotr cheered us up by “roasting” a colleague of his (who wasn’t present). Also, it was a great pleasure to listen to Mie, the winner of the Humorous Speech Contest. Mie shared with us her hilarious travel experiences to the bushes, and to other more luxurious but less startling places.

To all of you who don’t know yet: Hui Mei, our VP Membership sadly had to go back to her home country and therefore cannot continue to serve as VP membership. We very much hope to see her again some time and thank Hui Mei for her great efforts and her very efficient work.

Luckily for us, we found a very dignified replacement for Hui Mei: Michelle who used to be Sergeant at Arms in last years committee has agreed to take on the job as VP membership. Thank you very much Michelle for making this commitment! We very much appreciate that you will again serve our club and we are looking forward to have you back in our team.

Have a great time and see you in 2 weeks , Nicola

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