Let’s go chicken

11th June 2014

Dear Fellow “Farmers”,

Thanks for your enthusiastic participation in yesterday’s meeting. It’s always wonderful to have such variety of speeches. Thanks to Noah we are now aware of the the different speech parameters – even though many of us still struggle to apply them. And thanks to Adrian we can relax knowing that the likelihood to be killed has gone down steadily, and is still dropping. In addition, Markus shared with us his very valuable experience about high performance leadership and Vaclav persuaded us to work (harder still) on our self-discipline. Also, Thomas was a great table topics master – he transplanted us all to a farm where we had to work our way through chicken houses, fruit trees, vegetable gardens and other less rural environments.

In two weeks, we’ll have the speech marathon – a perfect possibility to move forward with your CCM or advanced workbook. Many of you have (been) signed up already. Please check easy speak and either confirm or tell us if you cannot make it.

I am looking forward to seeing you all on the 25th of June,

kind regards, Nicola

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