Mentoring Workshop – meeting 20th September

Harry Loots, Spiritus Rector, served a whole dinner-plate of informative and heuristic dishes in form of an excellent, educational and – so my strong conviction – enticing workshop about mentorship and mentoring last night! Well structured with a strong interactive part (heuristics) and a feedback session that was probably a tad ‘too open’ the evening not only served the purpose the learn more about mentorship as a concept, the roles of mentor and mentee and – probably even more important – about the supportive ‘traits’ (characteristics) of mentees and mentors but it also inspired!

As one written feedback for the interactive part of the workshop mentioned: “Very helpful exchange on long/short goals , helps rethink why I joined the club years ago, helpful to revisit the goals”!

The workshop was a reminder and a clarification of what mentorship means in the context of Toastmasters Club Zuriberg; its generally applicable duration throughout the performance of the first 4 roles (Icebreaker, Time-taker, Ah-counter and Evaluator) and that other aspects like decisions on communication channels // meeting frequency // timing // setting achievable goals for the mentee // benefits // are all based on a mutual exchange between mentor and mentee.

A great thank-you goes to Michelle for rounding up the evening by giving excellent feedback on the workshop and to everybody present to have participated in a spirited way with enthusiasm and a positive, nurturing attitude.

The next meeting of Toastmasters Zuriberg will be held at the usual venue (Guildhall at the Blue Monkey) coming Tuesday September 27th. The Theme of the evening is: Scientific! All speaking slots are taken and all roles are filled! Come and join us for yet another evening filled with insights and learning!

Roland Straub

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