Time to say good-bye

Dear committee, dear members

Today is the last day of the old committee. At the same time it is my last day as a committee member in 10 years. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your precious support.

My special thanks go to those of you who have been accompanying me in the Zuriberg committee for so many years.

Michelle: without you, it would have been impossible to rebuild this club when it was on the verge of failure in 2012! Thank you so much for your invaluable help with everything, your enormous commitment, your personal engagement in our meetings and your contributions to special events like the Christmas parties. You are the heart of this club and I very much hope that you will keep beating as such in the future!

Margherita: I will never forget how much you supported us when things didn’t go so well and how hard you worked to change our club into a Swiss association. In addition, your vast network in the world of Toastmasters was the basis of out contestants’ success during the last contest season. When judges don’t know the contestants personally, the risk of bias is much smaller. Thank you, Margherita, for all that you have done for our club.

Tim: Thanks you for being such a reliable and well organised treasurer and past president of this club. Even though we haven’t seen you as often as we would have liked to, I dearly remember our common projects like the evaluation workshop a few years ago, your contribution as an area director and your availability to give evaluations outside of this club. Thank you Tim for your enormous contributions!

Thanks also to you, Vanessa, for organizing two contests and for accepting to take over the role as VPE. Your reliability and hard work are the pillars on which our club rests. I am really grateful that we have found such a wonderful and mature person as a key officer for our club. You will do a great job and you can always count on my support.

And thanks to you, Riccardo, for always preparing the agenda even when you didn’t have time to join our meeting and for being such a good sport. I very much hope that you will stay faithful to our club – we all very much enjoy your great sense of humour. 

Thank you Svetlana and Farhad for being part of the team even though you didn’t have time to commit as much as you might have liked.

Many thanks to you, Roland, for agreeing to be this years’ president, for regularly contributing with much valued evaluations and presentations, for helping to organize our birthday party – that by the way was enormously successful – and for supporting Vanessa and the other members of the new committee.

I wish you all, Vanessa, Roland, Alice, Harry, Thomas, Richard and Joanna all the very best and hope to see you often in the months to come.

And finally, many thank to all members past and present. It is your enthusiasm and commitment that makes Zuriberg Toastmasters Club strive.

A big hug to all of you,


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