Toastmaster event 09 June 2015

The meeting on the 9th June was another successful and outstanding night. Although the venue was moved to the top floor, people’s passion was not being impaired – more than 20 members and guests attended the meeting on such a lovely summer evening.

The key word of the evening was ‘surprisingly’ – indeed surprisingly three of the speeches are all for manual 2 – “to organize your speech.”

The meeting started with the speech from Anna Korovatskaya -who led us to her journey ‘search for meaning’. Anna’s speech focused on her personal experiences – from her childhood dream of longing for a pair of Western Jeans, to her dreams came to – a happy marriage, a nice flat and a good job. Then Anna realized that happiness is not just about to fulfil your material needs, its more about the happiness inside. Its not an easy journey, Anna had the courage to reveal to the audiences about the shadow in the past, and how she faced it and fought it. At the end, Anna told us ‘happiness is not something to search for, it’s something you can create’.

Another two speeches are rather scientific but still interesting. Julia gave us an insight about the theoretical background of Genetic Modified Organism, and the benefits for producing GMO crops for human beings. She also added scientific proofs making her speech more convincing.

Etienne gave us the speech about Money. His speech shared a lot of knowledge about the histories and functions behind the money. He even brought a gold bar trying to demonstrate the value of money.

The table topic for that night was really a nerve breaking one. Everyone had to answer some unexpected questions from children about “Why?”. Our friend from toastmaster Barcelona club was asked ‘Why does rain smells funny?”. She provided the answer with “all rain smells funny, but they smell differently, the rain smells nice in the country side and smells bad in the city.” That is a quite environmental concept.

The highlight of the evening was from our guest Daniela. She was asked by “why the leaves turned red in the autumn?” Daniela gave the most impressive table topic speech I have ever seen. She illustrated that 4 seasons represents four different ladies. E.g The lady from spring is young and dynamic; the lady from summer is fertile and mature. While the lady from autumn is a witch who want to show people all the colours of the world before winter is coming. The speech is full of imagination. Also the language and the emotion in the speech was excellent!!

Followings table topics were: Kevin answered “why chickens have no toe” by given the fact that he used to have “chicken script” in his writing. Tatyana demonstrated that human beings have toes because they need to do yoga and their need to paint their toenails to look sexier.

The best speaker of the night was Anna Korovatskaya, the best evaluator was Katarina Korzova,  and the best table topics is Daniela.IMG_0604


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